You'll need to verify your company's bank account

Before you can start making payments, you’ll need to verify your company’s bank account. Once you enter your account and routing number, Justworks will automatically send two small verification deposits to your business account labeled “JUSTWORKS VERIFY”. These deposits take approximately 2-4 days to show up in your account; you’ll receive an email notification on the morning that the deposits are available.

Once you’ve received the deposits, click Verify Bank Account on the dashboard and enter the amounts of the two deposits. Once you’ve done this, your bank account will be verified.

Processing generally takes 4 business days

Once you are approved for workers' comp, it generally takes 4 business days for a payment to fully process. Please note that new companies may be subject to longer processing times and bank holidays will cause one day delays.

When you schedule a payment, you specify the pay date, which is the date that the funds will become available in your employee’s bank account. The processing date must be 4 business days prior to the pay date, depending on the timeline above. Business days include Monday through Friday but not bank holidays, so payments made during holidays will take longer to process. You can see upcoming bank holidays on the Justworks dashboard forecast calendar.

Your invoice specifies a 'pay date,' which is the day your employees will be paid

  • Invoice date: the date your company will get the invoice
  • Payment collection date: the date Justworks will deduct the money from your company's business bank account
  • Pay date: when your employees will have money in their personal accounts

Payments are processed at 2:00 pm Eastern time

The processing deadline is 2:00 pm Eastern time, on the invoice date. Additionally, please keep in mind that at the time payroll processes, at least one admin of your account must have an SSN entered. If there's no admin with an SSN entered, payroll will not be processed, and off-cycle payments will have to be scheduled to make up for the skipped payment.

All funds are debited from a single account

Currently, all funds will be debited from a single account that you specified when you set up your company. You can view the bank account information by going to Company > Settings.

Funds can be deposited into two bank accounts

Employees and contractors have the ability to split their payments between two bank accounts. You can check out this article to learn how to set-up split payments.

US payments to US-based employees only

Justworks sends payments only to bank accounts within the United States. All employees and contractors must work in the US and have a US mailing address, in order for us to mail W2s and 1099s and in order to be covered by workers' comp.

Electronic payments only

Justworks issues payment via direct deposit. Justworks does not issue paper checks. If one of your employees does not have a bank account, they may consider getting an American Express Bluebird account, which they can use to accept direct deposits.

An employee's salary will not be auto-paid until their first full pay cycle

Read more about how salaried employee's first payments are handled.

Contact Justworks support to make an urgent final payment

All payments to your employees need to be processed through Justworks in order to ensure accurate taxes. However, in cases where your state requires a physical check on an employee’s last day, contact us at for information about how you can write a paper check directly from your company’s account and have Justworks collect the appropriate taxes.


This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, legal or tax advice. If you have any legal or tax questions regarding this content or related issues, then you should consult with your professional legal or tax advisor.
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