Paying with Timecards 

We've made paying hourly and non-exempt salaried employees easy. Here is a guide on how it works.

Getting started

To pay your hourly employees, navigate to Payments on your main dashboard and click "Timecards."


From there, you'll be able to enter the hours for your hourly employees as pictured below.


Your account is setup so that admins enter hours on behalf of hourly employees by default. If you would like your employees to enter their own hours, select ‘Enable employee timecard entry’ in the upper right corner of the above dashboard. Please keep in mind, however, that employee entry is not available for those who are on a weekly pay frequency. 

Entering and editing hours for employees

You’ll see a list of your hourly employees and their timecards showing any time and rates that have been entered, and how much they’ll be paid when your hourly payroll runs. You can enter and edit your employees’ hours until 2:00pm ET on the day we process your timecards.

Admins can also sort the list of employees alphabetically by first or last name, making it easier to stay organized and match/update information from any spreadsheets they may be using.

To edit an employee’s hours click the ‘Edit Hours’ button in the top right of the timecard.

You can enter hours by week or by day. Use the toggle in the upper right to switch between the two ways of entering hours.

Once you’ve entered your changes, click ‘Save & Approve’ to save your changes, and you’re all set.

Reminder emails

You’ll receive email reminders on the Friday at the end of the pay cycle, and on the day your timecards are processed. The email shows you who is and isn’t getting paid for that period.

Employee timecard entry (for admins)

You can enable employee timecard entry in Justworks. Watch this video or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

To have your employees enter hours, select “employees enter hours” in the box below and click ‘save setting’.

Note: when switching from employees enter hours to admins enter hours, any timecards that have been submitted and in “ready for review” will be considered approved and will be paid.

When employee timecard entry is enabled, admins see employees’ timecards split up into three tabs:

  • 1. Ready for Review - contains timecards that have been submitted by employees. An admin can edit hours to update values, add overtime, and/or approve the timecard to be paid.
  • 2. Not Submitted - contains timecards for any hourly employees whose hours haven't been filled out.
  • 3. Approved - contains timecards that have been approved. Timecards can be edited even after they have been approved up until the payroll deadline at 2:00PM EST on the day Justworks processes your timecards.


After approving an employee’s timecard, employees will receive an email letting them know that their time has been approved. Each time you edit and save a timecard, your employee will receive an email informing them of the change.

When editing an employee’s hours, they can only be edited in the same way they were submitted. For example, if an employee submitted their total hours for the week, they’ll need to be edited as a weekly total as well. Additionally, keep in mind that PTO hours as well as Paid Sick Leave is not automatically added into employee's timecards. Those hours will still have to be entered manually by the admin.

Reminder emails

Admins will receive email reminders after the pay period ends, and on the day hours are due, letting you know who hasn’t submitted a timecard, who is waiting for approval, and whose timecard is complete. If an employee (or you) has not entered their hours on time, they will not be paid through regular payroll for that pay period. In that event, off-cycle payments will need to be scheduled to all regularly and overtime hours that employees worked during the pay period.


Employee timecard entry (for employees)

Each pay period, an employee will need to fill out and submit their timecard to their admin for approval. The employee can choose to enter their hours by day or by week. Email reminders will be sent the Sunday after the pay period ends and also on the day we process your timecards. A notification will also be sent when their timecard is approved. 

Manager Permissions

You’ll also now be able to give managers the ability to fill out, submit, and approve timecards for their direct reports and extended teams. You can set up Manager Permissions by going to the ‘Permissions’ tab from the left-hand menu in your Justworks account, clicking on the ‘Manager Permissions’ tab at the top of the screen, and enabling ‘Manage Employee Timecards.'

Managers who have this permission will not be able to make other payments, or approve timecards of those who are not in their reporting chain.

Contractors cannot be paid on an hourly basis

Only employees can be paid on an hourly basis.


Hourly & non-exempt salaried employees are paid on Fridays

In order to simplify overtime calculation and processing, hourly and non-exempt salaried employees must be paid on a weekly or biweekly basis. All hourly employees will receive their payments on a Friday of the week after the pay period ends, or earlier if a holiday falls on Friday. Hours must be entered by 2:00PM EST four business days prior to pay day.


You can specify multiple rates when paying hourly employees

You can specify a base rate for each employee, which is the default rate used whenever hourly pay is scheduled. However, when you schedule an hourly payment, you may enter multiple rates beyond the employee’s base rate, like Overtime and Double Time, or another rate you might need.

If you have multiple pay rates for an employee, you can change the base rate, the Overtime and Double Time rates will automatically re-calculate.

It's important to note that everything is entered in ‚Äčhours, for example:

.30 = 18 minutes

.50 = 30 minutes

.75 = 45 minutes

Unpaid Timecards

Timecards for hourly employees that are submitted but not approved will not automatically be processed or rescheduled. Instead, the admin of the account will have to schedule an off-cycle payment for their employee from the 'Make a Payment' tool.

The time entered for that employee, though, will still be stored under the 'Unpaid Timecards' tab for the applicable pay period.

You can switch an employee's pay basis from salaried to hourly

From the employee's profile, click the blue pencil to edit their "Employment". Then, click "Edit employment and compensation" and under Pay Basis, change to "salary" or "hourly". 

In the case that you switch an employee from hourly to salary, you will still be prompted to enter hours for the previous pay periods until the effective date of the new "salary" status.

Paying non-exempt salaried employees

Your Non-Exempt salaried employees will also be paid through timecards, making it easier and to track and pay any overtime hours for compliance reasons. These employees will be on the same pay schedule as your hourly employees are.

If you’d like to record any overtime hours worked for a non-exempt salaried employee during the two-week pay period, you’ll have to enter in standard hours worked as well. If zero hours are entered for the salaried employees, the system will default to their regularly scheduled gross pay, which will be their annual salary / 26 (for 26 pay periods of the year). Their paystubs will show the amount of hours entered for each pay period, even if there is no change to their regularly scheduled payment.

Justworks does not have time tracking integration

We do not track time; however, we recommend platforms such as Tsheets and Boomr to do so.


This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, legal or tax advice. If you have any legal or tax questions regarding this content or related issues, then you should consult with your professional legal or tax advisor.
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