Once you've set up your PTO policy, you can manage incoming requests, view scheduled time off, and make any necessary edits.

PTO requests

Admin with the ‘Manage all paid time off’ permission can view all incoming requests for PTO. Managers will see requests from their direct reports first, and then from their extended team. You have the ability to approve or deny any requests and provide reasons for the actions to your employees.

Scheduled time off

View all upcoming time off for your team in one handy list. Admin with the ‘Manage all paid time off’ permission will see all employees and managers will see their team’s requests. You'll see a day-by-day breakdown of all upcoming time off so you and your team can be prepared.


View all of the policies you've set-up for your company and make any edits along the way.

Disabling policies

Disabling policies is easy. First, navigate to HR > Time off policies > Policies. From here, you should see all of your active policies. To disable, just click on the “Disable” button in the top right corner of the policy.

Depending on the type of policy and the state in which your employees work, accrued PTO may be considered part of the wages of the employee and must be paid out if the policy is not being replaced. Sick leave policies may also be required in some locations. Please check your local laws to confirm.

Calculating Balances

You can also easily calculate the PTO balance of your employees for any given date directly from your Justworks account. For any employee who'd like to calculate the balance for simply go to Manage > Employees, and click on their name. Under the 'Time Off' tab, you'll see the option to calculate PTO balance. Select a policy to which to calculate from, and a date, and you'll be all set.

PTO in Timecards

When your hourly employees take PTO, those hours are not automatically added to their timecards once approved. To enter PTO into an employee's timecards, admins will have to select 'Edit Hours,' and select 'Add PTO.' From there, you'll be able to enter your employee's PTO hours.


This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, legal or tax advice. If you have any legal or tax questions regarding this content or related issues, then you should consult with your professional legal or tax advisor.

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