How will our company be billed?

Justworks has two billing structure for Justworks monthly fees: monthly or annually.

Annual billing

Annual billing for Justworks means that companies elect to buy a number of seats at a designated, per month, price point based on the size of your company. As the year progresses, you draw down from the number of seats purchased. If a company chooses annual billing, they will be billed their full amount once their account becomes active.


  • Company A has 5 employees when they sign up for Justworks, so they pay annually at a rate of $69/month. They will be billed at the beginning of their contract based on the monthly rate and number of seats.
  • 60 total seats (5 employees × 12 months)
  • $4,140.00 total annual rate (60 seats × $69)
  • As the year progresses, Company A uses up the seats they purchased for each month. This means that if in January, Company A has 5 employees, then by February they will have 60 - 5 = 55 seats left.
  • If company A grows quicker than anticipated and runs out of their annually allotted seats before December 31st, then Justworks will reach out to renew the annual membership.
  • A company can also decide to move to monthly billing at that time, but it will be at a slightly higher price point per month. (See here for pricing.)

Monthly billing

If a company is on our monthly billing plan, every month they will be charged the monthly fee for every active full-time and part-time employee, as well as owner, that they have on the platform. The monthly fee gets charged during the second payroll of the month and is listed as a line item in their invoice.


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